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Doing things right






Guitar, Vocals / Justin Pellecchia
Bass, Vocals / Lucas Rinz
Drums, Vocals / Keaton Thandi



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Doing Things Right

by Satellite Hearts


Justin Pellecchia ~ Vocals, Guitars

Lucas Rinz ~ Bass, Vocals

Keaton Thandi ~ Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Recorded in:

Spring House Sound in King of Prussia, PA

Ocean View, NJ

Bisirri's Pansy Garden, Philadelphia, PA

Mixed at Bisirri's Pansy Garden, Philadlephia, PA


April 25                                       Burke's Warehouse                                Philadelphia, PA

May 1                                          Progress Festival                                Blacksburg, VA

May 2                                          Progress Festival                                Blacksburg, VA

May 16                                 River Roots Music & Food Truck Festival                  Morrisville, PA

May 17                                       Italian Market Festival                            Philadelphia, PA

June 12                                   The Press Room w/Ron Gallo                              Portsmouth, NH